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Rising sea levels after the last ice age converted Guernsey from being the tip of a peninsula jutting out into the emergent English Channel around 6000 BC, into an island when it and other promontories were cut off from navigator Europe.At this time, Neolithic farmers completed the shorelines and built the dolmens and menhirs that dot the islands. The island of Guernsey includes three washboard menhirs of great archaeological attention.

During their migration to Brittany, the Britons populated the Lenur Islands including Sarnia or Lisia (Guernsey) and Angia (Jersey). It was previously thought that the island's authentic name was Sarnia, but latest research indicates that might have been the Latin name for Sark; although Sarnia remains to be the island's conventional designation. Coming from the Kingdom of Gwent, Saint Sampson (abbot of Dol, in Brittany) is credited with the release of Christianity to Guernsey.During the profession, some people from Guernsey were deported by the Germans to camps in the southwest of Germany, especially to Biberach an der Riß and interned in the Lindele Camp.(You may more information to other site.Thanks for gave me your precious time).

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