Bad Wimpfen

Country : Germany
State : Baden-Württemberg
Admin. region : Stuttgart
District : Heilbronn
Town subdivisions : 3
Mayor : Claus Brechter

Area : 19.38 km2 (7.48 sq mi)
Elevation : 195 m (640 ft)
Population : 6,824 (31 December 2010)
Density : 352 /km2 (912 /sq mi)

Time zone : CET/CEST (UTC+1/+2)
Licence plate : HN
Postal code : 74206
Area code : 07063

Bad Wimpfen is situated on the west bank of the River Neckar, around 15 km to the north of Heilbronn. The town is divided in two parts: The older Wimpfen im Tal (Lower Wimpfen/ literally Wimpfen in the valley) situated at the Neckar and Wimpfen am Berg (Upper Wimpfen/ literally Wimpfen on the hill) containing the town centre. Besides of the town itself the village Hohenstadt also belongs to Bad Wimpfen.I have visited this area almost two times in my life.If you are want to visit this area so let me know and go to there.Thanks for see me here.

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